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Plus Minus Media Group was established in 2014 in order to enhance communication by providing graphic or marketing solutions towards our customers, especially hotels and restaurants, other HoReCa institutions or local companies. What is more, we do believe that public relation strongly contributes to companies' success so our main profile lists social media management that is provided to our customers.

Due to our professional employees' wide experience gained in tourism and hospitality, our company provides useful business consultancy to our customers besides helping them to establish an entire marketing strategy. It does not matter if it is a restaurant a night club or an event organizer company, trends continuously change. However we are there for you to make your business unique and comparative!
Our creative graphic team ensures that customers get up-to-date spectacular and visual images what perfectly reflects our company's objectives while it helps them to get the cutting-edge.

However we do believe that fashionable, trendy display is not enough, it might be also necessary to establish a positive relationship with page-visitors and to emphasise its importance as well.
We agree to establish not only the customers' social media accounts or surfaces but exciting contents will be uploaded and posted on them too. In addition, incoming reviews or comments will be responded and moderated accordingly. This may contribute to improve the quality of business quickly, besides getting an instant feedback about visitors' satisfaction. All in all, we do increase both the number of committed fans or regular guests and the quality of your business too.

why is TripAdvisor important?

Today's customer habits have changed enormously since customers have opportunities to check services thoroughly. Compared to old times, when service sales mostly depended on personal recommendations, nowadays web 2.0 communication makes hotels or restaurants available for travellers to book or visit.

TripAdvisor currently counts as the most important forum of destinations, which registers about 1 million+ hotels and 4.1 million restaurants worldwide and more than 110 million users are able to write independent reviews about these sites worldwide.

( 2016 second half figures )
Before travelling, users normally check the profiles of hotels at home as well as they visit restaurants recommended by their smartphone application as a result of a location-based search.

TripAdvisor makes a ranking in both cases and it will help customers to decide where to go. This might benefit your own company too since it is also easy to get to know or to get closer to competitor restaurants.
110 million registrated
users worldwide
60 millió regisztrált tag világszerte a Tripadvisor oldalán
255 new post in
every minute
100 új bejegyzést írnak percenként a tagok
Online reputation has become a crucial factor for travel planning so it is not enough to establish a TripAdvisor account, incoming feedbacks have to be managed as well.
It is essential for each touristic and catering site to have TripAdvisor accounts.
People tend to attach particular importance to the subjective opinion of consumers and they make decisions accordingly. Hence it is essential for each touristic and catering site to have TripAdvisor accounts. Travellers find it favourable to benefit each other by sharing opinions and 80% of overall users read at least 6 reviews before making a choice between e.g. two optional hotels.

Users rather visit restaurants or accommodation sites where management responses regularly reflect the forum's reviews. On the whole, it is acknowledged that negative reviews overwhelm the positive ones and if a negative review is handled friendly it will influence the overall image in a positive way.

WHY is Facebook important?

As the largest social network in the world we must not miss to realise the potential it might offer.
1.6 billion users
1.49 billion users worldwide
510 comments are
posted in every minute
510 comments are posted in every minute

Fame management

Even hotels and restaurants have opportunities to sign posts, to establish an own style or manner towards users regularly by creating an own Facebook account. So they will be able to improve their images accordingly and to become more attractive from a customer point of view.

Due to its interactive features, Facebook website is apparently considered to be the most suitable forum for addressing public. The significance of this feature is very important in fame management.
The significance of this feature is very important in fame management.
Brands with active and cooperative web designers earn much better fame and popularity than their less active competitor sites.
In addition, advertisers will be able to reach their proper target audience by applying Facebook campaigns for reasonable prices. Hence the number of customers or guests will be suddenly increased.


  • logo designs
  • webdesign
  • branding
  • flyer design
  • business card
  • in- outside poster
  • discount coupons
  • carte / wine list
  • catalog / brochure
  • dtp
  • package design


  • website design & development
  • webshop design & development
  • responsive websites
  • Facebook graphics
  • Facebook advertisement
  • banner
  • content development
  • minisite / microsite
  • mobil optimization
  • newsletters


  • business card
  • carte / wine list
  • catalog / brochure
  • envelope / letterhead
  • flyer
  • store windows design
  • creative papers
  • weatherproof sticker
  • plastic card
  • poster
  • embossing stamp
  • laser-engraving


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